COVID-19 » PPE/N95/P2 Respirator Decontamination

PPE/Respirator Decontamination

With the worldwide shortage of PPE during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Biosafety is able to offer our contract sterilization service for used PPE and N95/P2 Respirators. We utilise our current decontamination chambers for use with Chlorine dioxide or UVC Germicidal sterilization.

PPE/Respirators would be submitted with a sample submission form and checked upon receipt to our facility. Given that PPE would be used and potentially infectious, Biosafety has a production line of NATA Certified Biological Safety Cabinets for unpacking, checking and repacking of PPE (for gassing into Tyvek medical packaging) prior to sterilization. The PPE would inspected by our Occupational Hygienists for reusability and then repacked ready for sterilization.

Both Chlorine dioxide gas and UVC Germicidal light are commonly used in medical disinfection/sterilization and recognised under AS/NZS 2243.3 Safety in Laboratories – Microbiological Safety and Containment as modes of Decontamination. Our UVC system is listed on the TGA ARTG and the Chlorine dioxide gas is the same sterilant we use to decontaminate HEPA and vent filters.

Both methods are able to be validated both chemically by our gas/UVC light sensors/detectors and microbiologically with the use of Biological indicators if required.

All PPE would then be returned to the client wrapped in Tyvek Medical Packaging. Certificates of Decontamination and relevant standards would be provided with each batch.