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  • Chlorine dioxide gas concentration

    Chlorine dioxide gas concentration can be accurately monitored throughout the cycle.

    • VPHP cannot be accurately monitored as concentration is not uniform throughout area due to condensation and distribution gradients.
  • Decontamination volumes

    Able to completely decontaminate volumes over 1 million ft3 with multiple generators.

In Packed Storage Rooms

(BI was placed at the bottom of the closest trash can)

Inside Water Bottles

(BI at bottom of middle bottle of middle rack)

Inside Closed Trash Can

(BI in and on outside of trash can)

Inside Closed Cabinets

(cabinet on right is closed)

Inside Closed Drawer

(Drawer on right is closed)

Underneath Dust

(such as in HEPA filters)

In HEPA Filter

(BI between pleats of HEPA Filter)