Chemical Decontamination



Chemical Decontamination


Laboratories, Chemical and Pharmaceutical production facilities and other long term chemical usage sites, may have issues that require identification and resolution. Biosafety offers a range of services for those applications. Most often, the issue arises with “legacy” sites or locations that need to be repurposed, with long standing, known/unknown chemical contamination issues of surfaces, floors, walls, HVAC, exhaust systems, treatment pits and cavity spaces.




Our starting point is to review available site history and details of the site. A sampling plan and inspection visit to the site is carried out in the initial phases. Frequently, laboratory analysis of collected samples is done in addition to on site monitoring for a range of acids, bases, volatiles and specialty chemicals. Often, based on the results of this work, the scope of the contamination and decontamination can be reduced to just areas that have contamination – rather than a non-specific blanket decontamination of the entire site.




Decontamination proceeds after a complete review of the following with stake holders: the data recorded, safe work plan development, specific treatments identified for the contaminants found, and waste disposal strategy is identified.  An important step in all these works, is identifying “how clean is clean”. Time is spent with stakeholders to ensure the right level of decontamination is achieved to fit their long term goals and set budget to practical levels. At the conclusion of decontamination – samples are taken to assess the level of contamination remaining.


Clearance and Reporting


The data from the clearance testing is reviewed and if the target levels of decontamination are reached a final report of the works are provided with clearance certification. Included is any independent laboratory testing data collected, monitor data and photographic evidence of the process followed. The aim of this report is to provide appropriate information to subsequent users of the site, that the site is cleared of the identified risks and how that was achieved.