Clinical Waste Treatment

Designed for Healthcare Waste


Easy & Safe to Operate, Reduces Medical Waste Treatment Costs


The RMWXstream™ system is designed specifically with healthcare facilities in mind, to treat regulated medical waste. The top three concerns for healthcare facilities when it comes to red bag waste treatment are safe handling, capital costs, and operational costs. Advantages of the RMWXstream™ include:

  • Easy to Use: one day training for operators, multi-lingual color touchscreen, fully automated batch process, low maintenance.
  • Safe for Employees:  equipped with interlock safety system, with all shred and sterilization taking place after lid closure.  Automated system with no intermediate waste handling needed.
  • Reduces Operational Costs: delivers short Return On Investment (ROI).  On-site, easy to install – no external treatment contractors, and no transport or packaging needed.  Treated material is rendered as common municipal waste.

Delivers a Fast ROI


Rapid Return on Investment for Medical Waste Treatment


The RMWXstream™ on-site hospital regulated medical waste treatment system reduces costs over current treatment methods.  With RMWXstream™, red bag waste can be treated before it ever leaves the healthcare facility, reducing reliance on external treatment contractors, and delivering a fast payback.

  • Reduces costs of treatment and management of infectious waste
  • Reduces overall waste volume by up to 80%
  • Material rendered as common municipal waste
  • No external transport or extra packaging needed
  • Clean, environmentally-responsible solution

Environmentally Responsible


Treats hospital waste without environmental impacts.


The RMWXstream™ allows healthcare facilities to take more control over their medical waste.  With an effective shred and steam sterilization process, the RMWXstream™ is a clean, green solution for the treatment of regulated medical waste.  The process releases no harmful byproducts, smoke or chemicals, making it a community-friendly solution, and is approved in 44 states in the US.

  • clean steam sterilization process
  • no hazardous emissions (smoke, chemical release, radiation)
  • community-friendly
  • no harmful byproducts
  • no transportation exposure risks associated with off-site treatment
  • on-site treatment allows greater control
  • approved treatment method in 44 US states

Shred and Steam Sterilizers

Safely Sterilize Regulated Medical Waste, Single-Use Disposables, Animal Bedding, Other Solid Infectious Waste Streams

Shred and Steam Sterilizers​


RMW Classifications Treated

Infectious Waste / Regulated Medical Waste

RMW Classifications Treated​


RMW Current Practice

Sustainable Medical Waste Management​

RMW Current Practice​


RMW Xstream Product Line

Clean Technology and Forward-looking Engineering​

RMW Xstream Product Line​


RMW Xstream Treatment Process

Smart Concept, Effective Process, and comprehensive Treatment​

RMW Xstream Treatment Process​