Building Handover Cleaning/Disinfection Services



Building Handover Cleaning/Disinfection Services


Decontamination of your laboratories should be considered at multiple times through the life cycle of the laboratory – post construction, before commissioning, during the useful life and as part of decommissioning and finally prior to demolition.


Not all laboratories are used for the same application. Therefore an intimate knowledge of both Biological, Chemical, Radioactive and Physical requirements is imperative to ensure the correct procedures for cleaning and decontamination, before or after construction/renovation handover. Common construction contamination that is acceptable in office buildings, can be catastrophic in a laboratory environment.


Duty of care to staff and construction workers


For laboratories that have been established for several years, current use may not be reflective of historical use. In these cases it is especially important to have your laboratory, HVAC, chemical fume cupboards/hoods, liquid waste systems and equipment properly decontaminated prior to works being done, to ensure the safety of construction or renovation workers.


Laboratory and Facility Managers have a Duty of Care to make sure that laboratories are decontaminated properly and that the appropriate pre and post decontamination tests are completed by an Occupational Hygienist.

Biosafety provides Dept of Health & Human Services/DG trained technicians to clean and decontaminate laboratories. We have extensive experience in understanding and dealing with; Biological, Chemical, Radioactive and Physical contamination issues.


Biosafety can provide both decontamination services and Occupational Hygiene Testing/Clearance Certificates.