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Biosafety Pty Ltd is a Hygiene-based decontamination company providing equipment, service and consultation to the Australian and New Zealand High Containment Laboratory, Animal Research, Food, Healthcare and Life Science markets.

We realise most decontamination projects require more than just one methodology or approach to abate or control contamination/outbreaks and we have developed a large number of operating procedures to deal with projects like Pinworm infestations in Animal research, Mould contamination in cell culture and containment laboratories, Salmonella outbreaks in veterinary facilities and contaminated water remediation. We also do routine annual decontamination for PC2, PC3 and Quarantine facilities. We take a hygiene approach to every situation and look at required outcomes to develop scope of works and validation methods to confirm that the contamination is dealt with in the most appropriate, compliant and safe method.

Biosafety is the exclusive agent for ClorDiSys Solutions Inc. The main area of our business is to provide gaseous decontamination using Dry Gas Chlorine dioxide products and services to industry particularly in controlled environments. Biosafety provides biological and chemical decontamination services for routine decontamination of your facility for annual shutdown to outbreaks and infestations. We also provide a full laboratory and animal facility hygiene service from manual deep cleaning, fumigation and biologically contaminated remediation. We also offer Electrostatic/ULV fogging with Chlorine dioxide and UV-C Disinfection services for facilities and situations do not allow for normal gaseous decontamination. Biosafety staff are a licensed fumigation company with the Department of Health and Human Services and our gaseous decontamination products and services comply with Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2243.3 Safety in Laboratories – Microbiological Safety and Containment and AS 2476 – General Principles of Fumigation.


Biosafety also offer a range of contamination control products including Park Bioservices Germ-free Isolators and animal products, Solo Containment Flexible film isolators and decontamination chambers, UV Solutionz Germicidal UVC Products, AirClean Systems and Mystaire Contamination Control Products.


Biosafety are ISO 9001-2015, IICRC, HACCP and Ecowarranty Certified and are proud members of ABSANZ, ANZLAA, SCRIA, AIOH and ACPIC. We are proud to be supporting ABSANZ again in 2017 on the Gold Coast and please visit our stand at booth 21 during the conference to discuss your decontamination needs.






Brett Cole - Managing Director