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Chem-CD Chlorine Dioxide Generating Chemicals

Providing industry with chlorine dioxide solutions

Are you looking for a simple chlorine dioxide gas generation method?


Chem-CD is the solution to your problems. We have a revolutionary new process, developed by the
US military, which works quickly and effectively. It is reasonably priced, easily stored, very powerful,
and, most importantly, brings you the benefits of chlorine dioxide for your biological safety cabinet
(BSC). Our blend is specially formulated to meet NSF/ANSI 49 Annex G 2009 and AS 2243.3/AS 2252 requirements for
generating chlorine dioxide gas.

Generates 0.13 g/ft3 of chlorine dioxide gas to meet NSF/ANSI 49 requirements.

Chem-CD Brochure.pdf

MSDS-0080 Chem CD - Part A.pdf

MSDS-0081 Chem CD - Part B.pdf

MSDS-0082 Chem CD - Neutralize.pdf