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COVID-19 Disinfectant Fogging Service

Outbreak Response Fogging of Facility - Scope of Works:

Provision of Labour, Disinfection equipment, Electrostatic ULV Foggers, Consumables, Disposable Gowns, PPE, ATP Testing and
Hygiene reporting.

Fogging works include dispersion of liquid solution into ultrafine aerosol to provide even disinfection across
surfaces. Aerosol is generated though the utilisation of electrostatic ULV fogging apparatus.

Fogging disinfection works are to be performed in response to outbreak concerns of biological contamination.

Disinfection Touch Point cleaning of high touch areas EG: Lifts and buttons, Reception Areas, Kitchen benches using approved

Biosafety follow the Australian Federal Government Department of Health Guidelines, Federal Department of Health Outbreak and COVID-19 Cleaning Guidelines, AS/NZS 2243.3 Microbiological Safety Standards and Department of Agriculture Approved Arrangements Approved Disinfectants.

Biosafety are ISO9001, ISO14001 certified, Licensed with the Department of Health & Human Services and are Internationally certified Building Microbial Professionals (IICRC) and Certified Biorisk Professionals (IFBA)