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Fume Cupboard/Hood Testing and Decontamination

Fume Cupboard Decontamination:

Biosafety can provide Dept of Health & Human Services/DG trained technicians to clean and decontaminate chemical fume cupboards/hoods, minimizing employee and third party exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals.Decontamination of your fume cupboards or extraction systems should be undertaken when systems are being modified, decommissioned, relocated or disposed of. Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2243.8 Safety in Laboratories states that people working on or in the fume cupboard should be made aware of the hazards and any decontamination procedure. The main issue here is that fume cupboards are generally a long-use piece of equipment and the current use may not be reflective of its historical use. This is why it is important to have your fume cupboards, ductwork and fan system properly decontaminated prior to any changes or works being done to ensure appropriate safe access or disposal. Any fume hood system that is disposed of without decontamination shall be treated as hazardous waste. Laboratory and Facility Managers have a Duty of Care to make sure that fume cupboard systems are decontaminated properly and that the appropriate pre and post decontamination tests are completed by an Occupational Hygienist. Biosafety is able to provide both decontamination services and Occupational Hygiene Testing/Clearance Certificates.

Fume Cupboard Use and Design Consultation:

With over 20 years experience in the fume cupboard industry, we are able to review your fume cupboard systems to determine their appropriate for use and fit-for-purpose. We are also able to see that they are operating at the required flow ratio as set by Australian and New Zealand Standards. With fume cupboards, it is not a one show fits all piece of equipment and therefore each fume cupboard will need to have the appropriate fittings and air cleaning devices (where required). The AS/NZS 2243 state that these "Special" fume hoods should be carefully selected however more-often-than-not the fume hoods are inherited with an older laboratory. We can consult of the potential use and set up of the existing hoods and confirm that they are fit for purpose and advise any upgrades or changes that may be required.

We are members of the Safety in Laboratory range of standards and are fully conversant in the requirements for safe use of fume cupboards. their design requirements and safety performance.


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