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Physical Containment (PC3/PC4) labs are facilities in which work is done with agents which may cause serious or potentially lethal disease after inhalation.  This includes bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can be fatal to humans but treatment exists.  Safe use of a PC3/PC4 facility depends on a well designed facility, careful adherence to safety procedures, and an effective decontamination plan.  Only gaseous decontaminating agents such as formaldehyde and chlorine dioxide gas offer an effective means of decontamination against organisms in a non-ideal setting.

They are used because they are the only decontaminating agents that are truly effective in areas that are difficult to reach such as in floor drains, ceiling grids, the underside of furniture and components, the inside of cabinets, hinges, instruments and components, and other difficult to reach areas. Other decontaminating methods such as sprays, mists, foggers, vapor generation systems, and manual wiping are not effective because they do not reach all areas at an effective concentration.  Vapor generation systems temporarily create vapors that transform back into a liquid upon delivery to the target chamber. They are subject to temperature gradients that create an uneven distribution of the decontaminating vapor/liquid that scavenge it from warmer areas and condense out on cooler surfaces. This creates areas with a greater amount of the decontaminating agent and areas with less or little. Coverage into difficult areas is also challenged.

Chlorine dioxide is a recognized gaseous decontamination agent under Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 2243.3-2010 Safety in Laboratories – Microbiological Safety and Containment, OGTR and DAFF Biosecurity for Quarantine Control Facilities.
There is no doubt that the protection of your animals, lab personnel, clients and research is of great importance and ClorDiSys Solutions offers many Chlorine Dioxide (CD) based decontamination products and services to protect these valuable assets. Our gaseous CD is the safest and most effective way to decontaminate your PC-3 and PC-4 laboratories, pass-throughs, chambers, biological safety cabinets, HEPA filters and any other lab spaces. Chlorine dioxide gas is gentle on materials so animal racks, cages, computers and other sensitive equipment can be left in these areas during the decontamination process. In new or renovated facilities all your brand new equipment can be brought in, gassed and sterilized in place thus eliminating the need for time consuming and costly autoclaving during move-in. In your existing laboratories, rooms and equipment can be decontaminated all together in one single step.
Our chlorine dioxide gas is registered with US Environmental Protection Agency as a sterilant and is able to inactivate all forms of antimicrobial life, including spores. Our process has also proven effective against pinworms and their eggs, a persistent nematode parasite, which can cause costly research delays and stoppages or involve extensive treatment regiments. Download ClorDiSys' paper from the Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, Vol. 53, No.4, Exposure to Chlorine Dioxide Gas for 4 Hours Renders Syphacia Ova Nonviable for complete information.
Biosafety offers both equipment and services for decontamination as part of emergency response plans, preventative maintenance programs or contamination control schedules, when outbreaks occur, or for new construction, renovation or decommissioning projects.
Complete Facilities
Available Products: Clordisys Decontamination Services
Chlorine dioxide gas fills the space its contained in completely and evenly, making full facility decontamination easy as no surface is left untouched. We have decontaminated facility's over 1,000,000 ft3, providing sporicidal kill throughout. Suitable for new facilities prior to production starting, existing facilities during scheduled shutdown, after renovation, or if contamination is present.
Animal Facilty Floor Plan
Animal Facility Floor Plan
Available Products: Clordisys Decontamination Services | Megadox | Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Single rooms, connected rooms, and other areas within facilities can be decontaminated using chlorine dioxide gas on a routine basis. Chlorine dioxide gas can also be used in contamination response to eliminate any contamination present and quickly return rooms and the equipment within back to a clean state. Typically all equipment and components within a facility is compatible with chlorine dioxide gas. By using a gas, all surfaces including cracks and crevices are contacted, allowing for complete decontamination of areas over 1,000,000 ft3
Animal Room
Necropsy Room
Available Products: Clordisys Decontamination Services | Megadox | Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Laboratories can easily be decontaminated with chlorine dioxide gas. Equipment and components can all be left in place during the decontamination as chlorine dioxide gas is able to distribute around objects, completely and evenly contacting all surfaces within the room. Chlorine dioxide gas is safe on materials, even electronics.
Surgical Suites
Available Products: Clordisys Decontamination Services | Megadox | Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Surgical suites can be decontaminated between surgeries, or at the end of the day depending on the schedule and needs of the facility.
Surgical Suite
Surgical Suite
Decontamination Chamber/Rack Washer
Available Products: Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Chlorine dioxide gas decontamination chambers offer many benefits to facilities who have them. Decon Chambers offer an easily sealed room where items can be brought in and quickly decontaminated. They can be used to bring equipment into a clean facility or out of a contaminated facility. Decon Chamber / Rack Washer combos add flexibility to a facility's capabilities, as one chamber can be used for either application. Using chlorine dioxide gas allows for the decontamination of heat / steam sensitive components such as electronics, tools, supplies and HEPA filters. click here to read more
Decontamination Chamber
Decontamination Room
HVAC Ductwork / HEPA Housings
Available Products: Clordisys Decontamination Services | Megadox | Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Ductwork and HVAC systems, including HEPA housings, can be decontaminated using chlorine dioxide gas. In fact, chlorine dioxide gas is the only residue free fumigation method that can successfully decontaminate HVAC ductwork as it does not condense out along the path length.
HEPA Housing
HVAC Ductwork
Available Products: Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Chlorine dioxide gas decontamination of isolators is quick, residue free, and cycle development free. Isolators can be decontaminated in under an hour whether they are empty or full of components.
Biological Safety Cabinets
Available Products: Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Biological Safety Cabinets are able to be decontaminated with chlorine dioxide gas quickly and effectively. Chlorine dioxide gas and formaldehyde are currently the only decontaminating agents approved by NSF for BSC decontamination. Chlorine dioxide gas is able to reach all surfaces within the cabinet, including the area under the workstation, and the actual HEPA Filter itself.
Biological Safety Cabinet
Biological Safety Cabinet
Available Products: Steridox-VP | Steridox-Steamer | Cloridox-GMP (to convert existing Sterilizers into CD Sterilizers)
Existing Autoclaves can be converted to replace steam or add the functionality of chlorine dioxide gas. Using chlorine dioxide gas instead of steam allows customers considerable utilities and consumable savings.
Decontamination Room

Passthrough Rooms
Available Products: Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Much like Decon Chambers, passthrough rooms offer the ability to decontaminate equipment and components being brought into or out of barrier facilities.
Minidox-M Passthrough Hook-up
Cloridox-GMP Passthrough Hook-up
Available Products: Clordisys Decontamination Services | Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Single pieces of equipment or rooms of equipment can be decontaminated with chlorine dioxide gas. Equipment can be tented / bagged and decontaminated, with cracks, crevices, nooks and crannies all being fully decontaminated.
Circuit Board
Tented Equipment
Transport Vans
Available Products: Cloridox-GMP | Minidox-M | Minidox-B
Transport vans can be decontaminated using chlorine dioxide gas between deliveries or on other routine schedules.
Transport Van

Spray Tunnels
Equipment and components entering a facility can be sprayed down with a liquid chlorine dioxide through the use of a spray tunnel.
Spray Tunnel
Animal Facilities