Contamination Control » Park Bioservices Mini-Q Semi-rigid Isolator Glovebox

Park Bioservices Mini-Q Semi-rigid Isolator Glovebox

The Flexible Front Isolator Glovebox provides the highest level of biological security to the laboratory animal community and research. It is also the perfect application for Germfree housing of Gnotobiotic rodents.

The chamber of the isolator is constructed of polypropylene on five sides. The front panel or window can be either flexible PVC, rigid acrylic or rigid polycarbonate (an optional item). The chamber can be a variety of sizes in all dimensions. We will work with our customers to optimize the dimension to fit the particular needs of the institution. Park Bio offers solutions ranging from a few cages to hundreds, from a single Flexible Front Isolator to a complete turn key facility.

To learn more about all the components of our Semi-Rigid Glovebox Isolators, contact us for an overview and product information. We also offer different models and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Benefits Features of our Designs:

  • Very Versatile-can be used for containment, germ-free and exclusion applications!
  • Positive or Negative Operation-blower fan can be easily reversed
  • High quality cartridge type HEPA filters on both intake and exhaust air systems are easy to change and provide top security 
  • Glove sleeve design is very spacious especially in the shoulder area allowing greater freedom of movement making it ergonomically superior 
  • More durable impact resistant polypropylene construction  which doesn't corrode from sterilants, and is easier to clean
  • The efficient design provides maximum utilization of space as compared to flexible-film isolators