Physical Containment (PC3/PC4) labs are facilities in which work is done with agents which may cause serious or potentially lethal disease after inhalation. This includes bacteria, viruses, and parasites which can be fatal to humans but treatment exists.


Today's healthcare professionals know the importance of a clean and sterile environment. BioSafety Pty Ltd offers many Chlorine Dioxide (CD) advantages for Medical Centres and Healthcare Facilities.

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Chlorine dioxide has a long and established history. It has been safely used for more than 70 years to disinfect much of the nation's food and water supply, and is also used at more than 900 water treatment facilities around the world everyday.


BioSafety offers many Chlorine Dioxide (CD) advantages to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device companies. Chlorine dioxide gas is emerging as an industry leader in contamination control technology, proving to be both practical and cost-effective.

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