Contamination Control » SoloSuite Modular Soft Walled Clean Rooms

Our flexible enclosures offer more room for manoeuvre

soloSUITE is a versatile range of softwall cleanrooms or walk-in containment enclosures.  soloSUITE  creates a cost effective, rapid to deploy system to segregate environments. Containment of particulate, dusts, organisms or the creation of controlled psychometric conditions can be provided in existing  facilities with the installation of a soloSUITE and associated HVAC or ceiling Fan Filter Units (FFUs).

These flexible enclosures and cleanrooms are designed for:

What is different about soloSUITE?

Our suites are based on a modular design and construction with interchangeable elements such as material/personnel Airlocks and ante chambers providing the basis of a purpose designed solution facilitating future modifications for change of use.

They are designed for large scale manufacturing processes enclosing single pieces of process equipment or complete manufacturing operations. The stand out features include:

 Our flexible enclosures can be used for a range of applications:

Choose all the accessories you need:

Our flexible enclosures, cleanrooms and containment suites meet international industry standards and we only use the best materials and components.