Progressive Recovery

Regulated Waste Treatment - Ecodas by

PRI™ Shred & Steam Sterilizers

Effluent Treatment - Effluent Decontamination Systems


We offer a complete line of effluent decontamination systems for many different applications such as research laboratories, high containment facilities, and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.  Effluent decontamination systems range from continuous flow to batch, thermal or chemical treatment.


Carcass Treatment - Alkaline Hydrolysis Tissue Digesters


Animal carcass sterilization is an important biosafety requirement for facilities studying infectious diseases, such as biodefense, agricultural health, animal diagnostic health, and other biocontainment labs. Our alkaline hydrolysis tissue digesters are proven to destroy prions, easy to operate, and have low environmental impact.


Regulated Waste Treatment - Ecodas by PRI™ Shred & Steam Sterilizers


Ecodas by PRI™ offers a wide range of treatment systems for solid regulated infectious waste. Systems designed for hospital sharps and red bag waste, single-use biopharmaceutical manufacturing, to high-containment waste such as animal bedding.


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U-AVS109D 29 gallons (109 liters)

U-AVS249D 66 gallons (249 liters)

U-AVS430D 114 gallons (430 liters)

Laboratory/General Purpose Square Autoclave Range​ Brochure


Shred & Steam Sterilizers

Safely Sterilize Regulated Medical Waste, Single-Use Disposables, Animal Bedding, Other Solid Infectious Waste Streams​

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Effluent Decontamination Systems

Liquid Biowaste Decontamination Systems for All Biosafety Levels.​

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Tissue Digester Systems 

 Highest Efficiency, Flexibility & Efficacy for 

Infectious Tissue Treatment - Including Prions

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