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Biosafety International provides high-level biological safety consulting and services to various controlled environments, including the healthcare and scientific sectors. We specialise in contamination control, biological safety consulting, and decontamination services with over 20 years of qualified experience.


Biosafety International offers a wide range of services and products to suit your specific industry, catering to your unique needs promptly and professionally. Biological safety is our priority, producing biological, chemical, physical or radiological contamination solutions for recurring or single-time events. In addition, Biosafety International’s offers biological contamination response or preventative remediation of new or existing facilities.


Accreditations and Certifications:

  • Corporate Member of Australian New Zealand Laboratory Animal Association (ANZLAA)

  • Member of Association of Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand (ABSANZ)

  • Member of International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE)

  • Certified to a Quality Management System (ISO 9001-2015 QMS)

  • All Services comply with Australian Standards AS 2243.3.-2010 Safety in Laboratories – Microbiological Containment and Safety

  • Our staff have over 20 years of experience in Infection, Waste and Contamination Control (Healthcare and Laboratory)


Why work with Biosafety International?


Biosafety International offers our clients peace-of-mind with every product and service we deliver. We pride ourselves on keeping up with industry regulatory requirements and  leading the Biosafety & Biosecurity industry with new and innovative methods based on proven science. Our collective knowledge spanning over 80 years with our staff qualified in a variety of expertise, such as microbiologists, chemistry and reporting.

Your Industry - Our Expertise

Biosafety International offers a wide range of advice and services to suit your specific industry. We cater to your unique needs in a prompt and professional manner. Biosafety International is fully licenced and accredited for all our service provisions. With over 20 years of experience in the hygiene and decontamination industry, we have the answers you need.

  • Scientific Research

    Physical Containment of PC3/PC4 level pathogens may cause lethal disease if contacted. Pathogens include bacteria, viruses, parasites and prions, for which treatments may or may not exist. Our Biosafety International professionals have existential knowledge and experience with contamination control, biological safety consulting and decontamination services. We can cater to your PC3/PC4 laboratory-specific needs according to Australia and New Zealand standards.

  • Pharmaceutical

    In the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, contamination control and sterility are crucial to maintaining the highest level of quality that is expected of companies in these fields. BioSafety is an experienced leader in contamination control, with practical and cost-effective solutions. We provide quality services and equipment for routine decontaminations of rooms, processing vessels, isolators, pass-through chambers, biological safety cabinets and other applications.

  • Healthcare

    Hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and contamination control in the healthcare industry is a constant and prevalent problem. Biosafety International provides services to enhance your facility's infection prevention program and provide solutions to these problems. Available to facilities that require either one-time or routine decontaminations.


  • Education

    Biosafety offer’s a beginning-to-end service for your school, university campus and laboratory facility, with fast turn around time and cost-effective solutions for your hygiene needs. We provide high-level hygiene consultation, decontamination and hygiene services with trustworthy and effective results. We provide reports and verifiable test results, that your facility has been effectively disinfected. 

  • Food & Beverage

    Biosafety is able to provide emergency response for contamination outbreaks in the food processing and preparation industries. Our disinfectants and processes are food grade compliant. Additionally, we assist with disinfection equipment, preventative maintenance programs and contamination control consulting.





  • Commercial

    From new construction, through the useful working life of a structure to decommissioning projects, Biosafety can assist with hygiene advice, IAQ programs and decontamination services. Each building is unique and we can fit your needs for mould remediation, UVC technologies and outbreak control through fogging disinfectants. Our qualified hygienists and technicians are trained to the Department of Health and Human Services standards to decontaminate your commercial space.

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Lane Burdett

Amazing to deal with from a suppliers point if view they know what they want and couldn't be more professional and easy to get along with. Highly recommended!

Tony Britton

Thanks to Brett and the team for sanitising our scout hall in preparation for a return to face to face scouting activities. Very professional and efficient!

Rod Byrnes

Scouts Victoria really appreciated the expert advice and guidance of Brett Cole from BioSafety as we plan our return to CovidSafe normal.


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